Anastasia Mamatsiou

Anastasia Mamatsiou was born in Kavala, Greece. She studied in the Nutritional & Diet department of the Alexandrian Educational Institute, where she graduated later in 2014. Her studies pertained to BMI ratings and eating habits on elementary school students. Having completed her internship in the TOPFITNESS gym chain with full duty assignment, she then continued her partnership with the brand until September 2016. In 2015, she completed her basic studies as a Personal Trainer at MP Balatsinos school.


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If you feel frustrated after trying different types of diets, do not worry, you are not alone.

Together we will change the way you perceive the word “diet”, because “diet” according to the ancient Greek language, refers to nutrition for a healthy living. Diet is a philosophy that never expires. Without deprivation or excessive treatment, we will share ways for you to take care of your health. See this as some form of training, because you love yourself!

Together we will create a diverse, tasty and nutrient-dense diet that will offer you wellness, mental alertness and a sense of wholesomeness. Besides, nutrition defines our personallity. We are what we eat“.

In this change of attitude towards your eating habits, a dietologist is your best ally. He’ll stand by you, not in a critical way, but as a supportive advisor with professional virtue.

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