Distance Sessions

Do you live in another country or simply want to avoid transportation?

Are you looking to change your old eating habits with a balanced diet plan and “build” a strong and healthy body?

Do you seek a balanced diet for weight loss?

I will help you, even from distance.

“Your body is unique, thus you should take care of it because only YOU have the benefit of sensing and interacting with it… because it deserves it.

Just one small step! Nothing more! One step towards yourself!”

Distance sessions follow the “lifelong” course method.

First course consists of:

  • Reception of the client’s medical & diet record
  • 7day / 15day personalized diet plan
  • Set an objective

Next courses

  • Following up from past few days
  • Weekly record keeping
  • Reviewing and solving issues
  • New diet plan

The rate at which sessions take place will be determined based on the client’s goals.

Communications will occur through the use of internet platforms (skype, viber, whatsApp, instagram & email )